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  • Polish Television   6 years 34 weeks ago

    It's great cause of the camera view, and they speak all the time(they're a couple), so it's easy to grasp the idea of how Polish young people speak. Let me know if you find it useful.

  • Polish Television   6 years 34 weeks ago

    Polish TV? I'd recommend a remake of Canadian TV show but a greatly executed "Kasia i Tomek" - probably available at or just search for it in some undisclosed sourced :). Me, being Polish, I'm doing exactly the opposite of what you're doing, except not making vidos. But basically learning English, watching American, Uk, Australian tv shows, reading books, listening to abroad radio stations.

  • Polish Television   8 years 11 weeks ago
  • Polish Television   8 years 24 weeks ago

    Oh, and considering you learn Polish, consider watching TVP's kids show "Domisie" or other native kids show -- they generally speak really nice language in there.

  • Polish Television   8 years 24 weeks ago

    You may also see at the Polish national television (TVP) website. They have some materials "available for 7 days since broadcast", as they say. The quality... well, it's spreaded, but e.g. cultural section is pretty good.

    Under linux I had a success using guidelines from

  • Polish Television   8 years 25 weeks ago

    Speaking of Polish television on the Internet, surely you kept up with the Krzysztof Kononowicz story of a couple of years ago?

  • YouTube!   8 years 28 weeks ago

    Very good accent for an american there:). I know what I'm talking about since I'm polish myself.
    good work:)

  • Polish Television   8 years 28 weeks ago

    If you're looking for polish tv online, check out:

  • Blogging is hard work!   8 years 31 weeks ago

    It's all good. The whole "getting married" thing really distracts one from blogging...or at least it should!

  • Software Development Meme   8 years 37 weeks ago

    I am wondering if you can write a review for EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition?

    I can send you a press release and review as a consultation.
    Best Regards!

  • HOWTO: Dojo Grid, Checkbox Selection   8 years 45 weeks ago

    @arti: What version of dojo are you using? These instructions apply to Dojo 1.0.x and 1.1.x grid. In 1.2 the grid has change significantly, but there is a compatibility layer: use "dojox.grid.Grid" rather than "dojox.grid.DataGrid". That should work.

    If its not a version thing, then all I could guess is that there is no "grid" widget registered? Does dijit.byId("grid") give you the widget correctly?

  • HOWTO: Dojo Grid, Checkbox Selection   8 years 46 weeks ago


    I am not able to do it..Its giving me error
    dijit.ById('grid').selection object is null or sumthin..
    for this :
    dijit.ById('grid').selection.clickSelectEvent = function () { };

    If I put this code in dojo onload also .. It doesnt give error .. but it doesnt select or deselect onclick of checkbox..

    Please guide me.. I need it very urgently..

  • YouTube!   9 years 1 week ago

    I don't technically speak Polish but your tube was lovely to hear. a mixture of french, german, and lots of others european sounds.

  • YouTube!   9 years 1 week ago

    I like the idea of the videos gauging your progress! That's a fantastic idea. I'll have to get out my camera and record myself. :)

  • Engage   9 years 3 weeks ago

    congrats David!

  • Engage   9 years 3 weeks ago

    Thanks! Not yet, but we're thinking about Spring.

  • Engage   9 years 3 weeks ago

    Congratulations Dave! Did you set a date?

  • HOWTO: Dojo Grid, Checkbox Selection   9 years 4 weeks ago

    @freddy: I'm afraid I have no experience building the grid from markup. However, if you can get ahold of the view object somehow, you should be able to do the same as shown in this tutorial.

  • HOWTO: Dojo Grid, Checkbox Selection   9 years 7 weeks ago

    Are there any examples of building the grid though html markup instead of javascript? I have a basic grid built that displays my data correctly but I'd like to be able to format the cells appropriately. Adding images,checkbox/select box, and applying general css styles to the data cells and headers.

  • tutorial, part 1: Creating a service   9 years 9 weeks ago

    @Aaron: You get a whole post in response!

  • tutorial, part 1: Creating a service   9 years 9 weeks ago

    If you can help me get (or just verify that it works) this working on webfaction, I may be a bit more inclined to get up and running with a service based architecture!

    We'll discuss over some beers.

  • Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski (KUL)   9 years 13 weeks ago

    See you in Poland / Do zobaczenia w Polsce ;)

  • HOWTO: Dojo Grid, Checkbox Selection   9 years 19 weeks ago

    @oshunter: Thanks for the comment! I've never used any of the grid editors (although, I plan to eventually) and I've never tried the QueryReadStore. In my application we are using a custom data store. Sorry I can't be of more help in those areas!

  • PoCo::MessageQueue version 0.2.0 released!   9 years 19 weeks ago

    @eskwayrd: If there are subscribers available at the time the message is received, it will be delivered immediately, before it is even attempted to be stored. So, in theory, it should just be the network overhead of sending the message body from producer to MQ to subscriber.

    PoCo::MQ doesn't support anything like activemq.prefetchSize, so if your subscriber is using an ack of "client", you will only be fed one message at a time, after each ack(). But if you set this instead to "auto", you don't have to ack() each message and new messages will be sent before you are done processing the last.

    We get pretty good performance, however, the operations our subscribers perform generally take several seconds to complete anyway. But in your case, I suspect the problem is the large volume of incoming messages (you listed 2k to 5k messages per second). With that many messages coming in at once, the MQ is likely bogged down dealing with the traffic coming in and is unable to focus on getting messages back out.

    There are a couple of things you can try: (1) ack => "auto", (2) sending fewer messages at one time (if possible, in production you could try having several MQs on seperate machines to share the work of marshalling all those messages).

    If you've got anymore questions, please send them to the google group ( or come chat on #poco_mq. Thanks!

  • PoCo::MessageQueue version 0.2.0 released!   9 years 19 weeks ago


    I'm experimenting with PoCo::MessageQueue to see if it would help with a custom data processing framework implemented in Perl that currently exists, but is struggling with the current load.

    Using minor variations of the sample producer and subscriber in the PoCo::MQ POD, I find that producers can run quite fast, sending 2K to 5K messages per second. However, using the defaults for, a subscriber gets maybe 1-3 messages per second. Note that messages means 30 character strings.

    If I set activemq.dispatchAsync to 0, and activemq.prefetchSize to 10, I can get the subscriber pulling messages at almost 10 per second. However, this is still quite slow.

    Our current framework has some issues, but is able to handle up to 250 messages per second, with messages anywhere from 600 to 32K characters, before things start to fall over.

    What kind of messaging performance are you getting from your subscribers with