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Last night I spent a couple hours watching Polish television on Onet.tv Platforma.  They have mostly clips on specific themes or topics but a few full shows.  I particularly like the "Podróże" section ("Travels").  There was a full episode of Podróże.tv (a travel channel) about Egypt and another showing a Klub Podróżnika ("Traveler's Club") in Kraków, where a guy was giving a presentation about his time in Kurdystan in Iraq.  Very, very interesting!  You can also find shows/clips on news, weather, cooking, film, music, games, etc..

Until now I've had a lot of trouble finding Polish television online.  A friend of my pointed me to wwiTV.com, where you can watch streaming live television from around the world, but I didn't have much success.  Many of the channels don't work and I just couldn't find a time when anything good is on!  By the time I'm home from work, its really late in Poland and there is mainly "adult programming."  I watched news on the religious channel for a bit, but that was pretty much all.

While I mainly like to listen to audio books, there are people who swear by the tv method of language learning.  Maybe it will help, maybe not.  But it is fun!  And on the occasion I feel like watching television, why not do it in Polish?


If you're looking for polish

If you're looking for polish tv online, check out:

Speaking of Polish television

Speaking of Polish television on the Internet, surely you kept up with the Krzysztof Kononowicz story of a couple of years ago?

You may also see at the

You may also see at the Polish national television (TVP) website. They have some materials "available for 7 days since broadcast", as they say. The quality... well, it's spreaded, but e.g. cultural section is pretty good.


Under linux I had a success using guidelines from http://www.ubucentrum.net/2009/04/odtwarzanie-i-nagrywanie-itvppl-na.html.

Oh, and considering you learn

Oh, and considering you learn Polish, consider watching TVP's kids show "Domisie" or other native kids show -- they generally speak really nice language in there.

check out

Hi, Polish TV? I'd recommend

Polish TV? I'd recommend a remake of Canadian TV show but a greatly executed "Kasia i Tomek" - probably available at peb.pl or just search for it in some undisclosed sourced :). Me, being Polish, I'm doing exactly the opposite of what you're doing, except not making vidos. But basically learning English, watching American, Uk, Australian tv shows, reading books, listening to abroad radio stations.


Sample: http://www.dailymotion.pl/video/xc7y87_kasia-i-tomek-granica_shortfilms
It's great cause of the camera view, and they speak all the time(they're a couple), so it's easy to grasp the idea of how Polish young people speak. Let me know if you find it useful.