Firefox 3 beta 4

Firefox 3 beta 4 was just released!  I started testing beta 3 last month, but encountered what was a show-stopping bug for me:

When I ran beta 4, it told me that I needed a greater-than 2.10 version of Gtk+.  My distro (Debian Etch) has only 2.8.20.  So, still wanting to take it out for a drive, I compiled and installed Gtk 2.12.6.  Et voila!  Beta 4 worked without my previous problem!

That got me thinking... Maybe the problem was that I had with beta 3 was just a result of a too low Gtk+.  So, I tried running Beta 3 against the newer libraries and ... the problem wasn't there!

Thats when I discovered this in Bugzilla:

It looks like they are going to make a compile time option for Firefox 3 to be compatible with Gtk+ 2.8!  Brilliant!

I don't think I managed to contribute much to the situation, but its great to see the Open Source process in action, especially with a project as big as Mozilla.

I'm going to be using keep using the Firefox 3 beta's up until the official release comes out.  I'll let you know if I discover anything interesting!