The That Wasn’t is now my blog. I've been slow to join the blog revolution but I'm glad to have finally taken the leap. I've got so many opinions on so many things and I can now express myself without ranting endlessly to my friends!

But when I originally purchased the domain name, I had something totally different in mind. It was going to be its own blog software and community site, like Blogger or LiveJournal, but with a little twist...

It would support not only diary entries but also arbitrary user-created trackers that would allow the user to record data about anything they wanted either to do or not to do. For example, someone who wants to cut down on their smoking habits, could create a "smoking" tracker and record how many cigarettes they have per day. Or it could integrate into other services (mash-up!) and record things like number of Memorati™ cards done per day.

(Aside: I kept a paper record like this for years, writing in the little squares on picture calenders.)

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