Why the web?

Developing for the web sucks.  Things that should be easy are very hard.  It is alot like developing embedded applications in a very restricted environment with random, non-sensical limitations, only worse!  Worse, because its really like developing for several such ever-changing environments at once.

So, why do it?  Why subject yourself to that torture?  On the desktop, you have basically limitless capabilities with relative ease.  Its not as much of a moving target.  The easy things (with the right tools) are damn easy.

Well, when I put on my user hat, I love web applications.  I know that opinion isn't universal.  A lot of people still prefer desktop applications.  But a truly well crafted web-application, is for me, a joy to use.  And I love the open web.  Its a hyperlinking, cross-platform, mash-up-able free-for-all.

To summarize, I want to build applications that I would want to use.

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