Pylons with Pylons

This is a short addendum to part 1 of my tutorial.

Aaron wanted to know how to run on WebFaction.  In talking to him later, it turns out he wants to use it inside of a Pylons application.  I have just the code for him!  I'm using inside of Lingwo.flashcards which is built on Pylons.

So, quickly, some background: when you create a Pylons application, you end up with a small library of code named like your application.  For example, in Lingwo.flashcards, that app is actually called "lingwo_flashcards".  Anyway, all your code goes in there.  For the rest of this example, we'll pretend that our application is named "myapp", ok?

First, you need to make a function creating your service with all its containers.  We'll put this in myapp/lib/

from myapp.server import *

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