PoCo::MessageQueue version 0.2.0 released!

We reached a huge milestone this week, with the release of PoCo::MessageQueue version 0.2.0.  It is primarily a refactor engineered by Paul Driver.  Here is the change log:

  • Massive refactor:
    • Built on Moose.
    • Any storage engine can be a front-store.
    • Callback passing (versus old static method).
  • Storage::Complex:
    • Treat the front store like a cache.
    • Separate 'granularity' parameter.
  • Storage::Throttled:
    • Can claim and retrieve messages for improved performance.
  • Comprehensive unit-test suite.

For the future, Paul's already working on some interesting things:

  • Remote storage engines.
  • CouchDB store.
  • Clustered MQs.


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