Memorati revamp live! (and dijit.Dialog update)

Finally, the Memorati™ revamp is live! Now that the ground work is laid, expect lots of new community functionality! I'm also going to be begin setting up The Lingwo™ Project website so that I can begin separating the commercial and open source aspects of Memorati as I described earlier.

To follow-up on my dijit.Dialog comments (and here!), I ended-up abandoning my fork. I decided that the original positioning algorithm was acceptable, so my changes have simply boiled-down to:

// so I can use dialog.addChild(...)
dojo.extend(dijit.Dialog, dijit._Container.prototype);

// Called after first showing the dialog, to disable the ability to move it

Also, I found out that my problems with moving the dialog are a known bug with FF2 and Linux! I had originally assumed that the complex JavaScript layout that happens in the CardEditor was to blame. But not so! The bug is targeted at Dojo 1.1, so hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

So, other than wanting addChild() -- since its prettier than dialog.containerNode.appendChild(child.domNode) -- my mucking about with dijit.Dialog internals is now very minimal. Which I am very happy about!